The 4 Steps to Sustainable and Profitable Growth for Aspiring High-Volume Merchants

Webinar Replay: The 4 Steps to Sustainable and Profitable Growth for Aspiring High-Volume Merchants

As an internet retailer, do daily tasks like maintaining listings, repricing, and managing inventory keep you from the one thing you really want to focus on...

...which is growing your business? 

If so, then there's something you should know.

Some of your peers have discovered a way to leverage daily operations as a catalyst for growth - giving them a clear leg up on their competition. 

And right now you have the chance to find out how they are doing it. And, more importantly, how you can too! 

In this webinar replay you'll discover:

Step 1: Setting the Foundation 

  • Customer Acquisition - Which sales channels high-volume sellers focus on and why
  • Product Selection - The most important factors to consider when building a scalable online business
  • Inventory Management - How to build a scalable SKU & listing management infrastructure
  • Order Fulfillment - The 5 primary fulfillment methods used by high-volume merchants and how to determine which ones are best for your business

Step 2: Optimization

  • Cash Flow Management - 3 free and easy-to-use tools you can use immediately to better optimize your inventory and free up more cash
  • Dynamic Pricing & Repricing - How to protect your margins and win the repricing war in today's fiercely competitive landscape
  • Negotiating - A simple negotiation tactic one merchant used on his supplier to double his sales volume in less than 4 months

Step 3: Expansion

  • Niche Discovery - What to look for and what to avoid when adding new supplier catalogs and fulfillment methods
  • Sales Channel Expansion - Understanding the good, bad, and the ugly about opening new channels of demand

Step 4: Growth Management

  • Big Data Analysis - Why 'big data' is a big deal and how to turn your raw info into accessible and actionable insights
  • Profitability Reporting - The short- and long-term benefits of financial integration
  • Supply Chain Automation - When to automate and when not to automate
  • Platforming & Replatforming - How to choose the right multi-channel ecommerce platform for your current and future business needs

Before now this information has been reserved for SCOE and Think Global Retail seminar attendees who paid hundreds of dollars to access it. However, you can now get this exact same information - completely free of charge. 

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